Dr. Christopher Chen has been in practice since 1994.  He grew up in San Francisco.  He is a UC graduate and received his Bachelor of Arts from Berkeley in 1983.  He received his Doctor of Medicine from UC San Diego in 1987.  He had surgery training in Kaiser Oakland in 1987-1989.  He completed his Anesthesia training in 1993.  He was the Chief Resident in 1993.  He has completed fellowships in Pain Management and Cardiovascular Anesthesia.

Dr. Chen has done research and written many papers on microsurgery, pain medications, radiology, and recall during anesthesia.  He constantly keeps up on the latest technology available.

In 1994, Dr. Chen started his practice in Pleasanton.  What makes Dr. Chen’s practice stand out is that Dr. Chen has strived to provide specialized and individualized care to each and every one of his patients.  Dr. Chen believes that the practice of medicine is not just about pills.  “Sometimes I feel that I am not only my patients’ doctor, but also their marriage counselor, minister, and cheerleader.”

Dr. Chen is actively involved in community activities, especially in providing community education and medical services to underserved populations.  He is actively involved in legislative activities to improve healthcare and to decrease healthcare disparities, especially to ethic minorities.  Dr. Chen has served as a lobbyist to the U.S. Congress to fight for patients and physicians rights.

Dr. Chen was the past president of his ethic medical society and still serves on the Board.  He is actively involved in the California Medical Association.  He is an alternate delegate to the CMA.  He is a delegate to the CMA’s ethnic minorities organization and network of ethnic physicians organization.  He is on both the Steering and Policies and Procedures committees.

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